6:11 AM

Hello My People!!

I feel somehow typing this, it has been too long!

I took these photos of Sarah in March, and I've been meaning to edit and post them since that time but there was just one thing after the other. First my laptop, then my harddrive and now my camera and i have decided to just leave everything to God because i believe things will work out in due time.

I have been following Sarahs blog for a while now, I love her style because she does practical fashion. She wears things that a normal girl will see and want to wear (not every time retro or high fashion)
I especially fell in love with her 'one piece many ways' series and I really hope she brings that back.

Please check out Sarahs blog here and show some love!

Talk soon.

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  1. Baby girl, kudos. We miss you ooo. Was wondering what happened na.
    Sorry about your camera and hard drive.
    You will be fine.
    Takecare and Congrats Pop soon.

  2. Yay girl finally. Love all the shots, cant wait to repost and share and share. Yes to leaving everything to God. I do hope things get sorted out soon. And thank you for the suggestion, been meaning to bring back the series but the effort involved.
    Princess Audu

  3. Awww, very nice!
    Love the Look!!!

  4. Great job!! You take really great pictures!

  5. AMAZING PHOTOGRAPHY. Plus your muse is BAE.x