Happy Food, Calabar

4:17 AM

 Hi Guys,

So I've been to Happy Food twice, first for Chakie and Zahzees celebratory dinner and the second time for my birthday in May (that's how long ago this post should have gone up smh)
Its on the same road as my office so I had been passing it everyday thinking that they had shut down, just to show you how bad it looks on the outside.
To my surprise, upon entering, the place looked legit, complete with Asian men singing terrible karaoke versions of Rihannas songs.

Location: Ndidem Usang Iso (Marian) Road. Just mention happy food, everybody knows it.

Pricing: I expected it to be cheaper than usual since its Calabar and nobody really eats Chinese food but I was wrong.
Spring Rolls - N150 per roll
Fried Rice - N1500
Noodles (actually spaghetti) - N1500
Sauces - N2500 per plate
*All plates were medium size
Drinks are priced regularly.

Service: Like every other food place, the service was terrible. The waiters were rude, the food came late. At this point, I don't even bother when it comes to service in Calabar.

Ambience: The place is dark and the ACs don't work properly. They put a little effort into the decoration, there's this really nice plant wall pictured above but that's about it.

Would I go again? The food is decent so yes.

Have you been to HappyFood? what did you think?

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  1. Interesting fact about the service, didn't know it was that bad in Calabar.


  2. To think that I spent years in Calabar but never went to HappyFood. Tsk tsk tsk at poor customer service. Lovely pictures tho.

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  3. I don't know how happy those foods are but I would be super happy to eat em all thats for sure haha. Lovely foods, looks totally yummy. Great pics and writing as well.
    I gotta visit this place sometime, sounds amazing quality foods at an affordable price.
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  4. So yummy!!
    i nominated you for the mystery blogger Award

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