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Hi Guys!

As part of my new natural and organic lifestyle, i've decided to stick with skin and face products with all natural ingredients. Although Neutrogena and Clean and Clear have worked wonderfully for me over the past few years; the fact that they couldn't control my last breakout has reduced the love.

I decided to try 'Hairfilliation' because they had been featured on ColoursandGrey and Alex of NappyHaired had a nice review of the lemon scrub. I went through their instagram and saw that the business was owned by a sweet young lady called Jennifer who was obviously very passionate about natural hair and skincare.

After a bit of procrastination, I went over to the website and I could not believe the prices, everything was below 2000 (yes you read right)
I wanted to buy everything but i'm trying to be minimalist so i'm making a conscious effort to buy only things that I really need.
So I got the African Black Soap, The Ori-Coco Body butter and The Lemon glow scrub...I''ll review each one below

1. The Mixed African Black Soap
Price: 1,300
Packaging : Not good, the soap is practically liquid and it came in a tub so it had leaked out of the tub before I got home and I had to transfer it into an old shampoo bottle so i would not waste it. I think putting it in a bottle would be a better option.
Feel: I loved the feel of the soap, it was not drying like other soaps and you could feel the essential oils in the soap without it being oily. It also had that black soap smell but it was very mild so I didn't mind. It is very easy to use and lathers wonderfully.
Effects: I have not noticed any changes in my skin but after a shower I feel very moisturized and not squeaky clean
Would I use again: Yes it is a wonderful product.

2. The Ori-Coco Whipped Body Butter
Price: 1,200
Packaging: Great, it's in a tub and its easy to use.
Feel: Ori coco because its a shea butter and coconut oil mix. First I'd like to say this product is amazing!!
If you know me you know I don't rub any oils or creams on my body. They always seem to slide off, become slimy or cause me to sweat profusely but this butter is the truth.
It actually penetrates the skin and protects it, I like to put it on and sit in the sun because i'll just start glowing lol. It also smells like bubblegum so everyone around me loves it.
Effects: The product claims to

  • Moisturize - Yes
  • Reduce scars - Yes
  • Assist in pain relief - Yes
  • Give relief from cold - No
  • Lip Balm - Yes
  • Massage Balm - Yes
  • Shaving cream - Yes
So you see why I love this product, it does everything!
Would I use again : I'm even considering making this my lifetime butter, yes its that good.

3. The Lemon Glow Scrub
Price: 1,000
Packaging : It was in a tub but it leaked as well, not sure why.
Feel : once you see this product, no one will have to tell you that its fully natural. It smells like that honey and lemon mix my Grandma used to give me for a sore throat. She would say one teaspoon but I would beg for more. Its made with brown sugar, honey, lemon juice and essential oils. It tastes amazing so I can't help but lick a little when I'm scrubbing.
Another great thing about this product is that the brown sugar settles to the bottom so if you do not feel like exfoliating you can take a bit of the mix minus the sugar from the top and just use it as a kind of mask.
Effect: I've been treating acne for a while now, I was using my mom's scrub which has chemicals. It made the overall appearance of my face better but each a fresh batch of pimples would come. So basically as I was treating they were coming and going.
When I started using the glow scrub they stopped coming and my face has been clear. My mom says it's her product but I cant say because I used her stuff in the morning and then the glow scrub at night. Sooooo....scrub for the win!
Would I buy again: I don't use it so often anymore because it actually does brighten. I think ill have this one for a while.

On purchasing, her website is really easy to use, everything cost 3,500 and I didn't pay for delivery because there was a pick up option in Gbagada. You can check it out here
 She also gifted me a sample of her Black Soap Shampoo which I haven't tried but smells really nice and minty.

Check out the glow!

So I hope you guys enjoyed my extremely detailed review.
Have you tried any Hairffiliation products?
Would you be willing to try?
Let me know

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  1. I'm skeptical about natural products because I haven't seen any that worked for me. Lol, it's like my face likes chemicals. I'm considering the scrub though cos of my dull skin. Love this post! Missed you.

    1. Hey Love, I understand because some products that claim to be 100% natural actually aren't but you should try the scrub, it's great.
      Thanks for the love, it's good to be back <3

  2. Below 2k. Wow! And oh, the body butter is calling my name especially as you said it has a nice smell. I prefer natural products but it's annoying how long it takes to notice changes at times.

  3. Well, thank you for sharing those ideas. i think that I'll find an opportunity to use them somehow.

  4. These combinations for hairs are fully new and satisfies.