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Hi Guys!

So I'm back with another beauty post!

Skinsational Skincare is a natural and organic skincare line made in Nigeria. I love organic products so when I found them I knew I had to try their products.
What attracted me to this brand was a video of their liquid gold soap on instagram. I was like its all natural and its this pretty too?? A++

I was also attracted to the branding; pink, purple and black is an unusual combination but it stands out and this is very important when it comes to promoting your product.
I got three products from them, A body wash, a scrub and miracle face soap.

See their individual reviews below:

1. The Pure Radiance Body Wash
Price: N4000

Packaging: Its Gold! its Gold!  I was excited about this liquid gold goodness and i was not disappointed. You know sometimes you see something online and when you get it, its totally different? That;s not the case with this product.

Feel: "Pure Radiance lightening body wash contains papaya extract and vitamin C with a fresh burst of citrus essential oils leaving your skin extra smooth and fresh"
I loved the feel of my soap on my skin it smells amazing! There's an orange fragrance so I come out of the shower smelling like an orange lollipop. LoL It's packed full of amazing oils and ingredients for an even skin tone and although I am not obviously lighter, my skin looks brighter. Only downside of this soap is that it doesn't lather easily. :(

 2. Miracle Face Soap
Price: N2000

Packaging: This product is a black soap mix which contains the perfect ingredients for clear skin. I really like how its packaged in a little tub so you can just take what you need without wasting lots of it.

Feel: As much as I love black soap on my skin it has never done anything for my face. I  was really excited about the ingredients because I know how strong each one is and the effects they have on the skin. But like every other black soap I've tried for my face, it  has not treated my acne. I'll be doing a giveaway of this product so follow me on instagram (@midecoker) for the details.

Price: N4000

Packaging: Perfect, it comes in a cute leak proof container with an applicator because the sugar settles to the bottom and it needs to be mixed before use. I thought that was very thoughtful.

Feel: This is my favorite product of the three, although it's a vanilla product it kind of smells like coffee and I love it! It is very rich so every time I scrub it leaves my skin feeling amazingly smooth. I generally prefer sugar scrubs to salt ones so when I tried it for the first time, I knew it was a gem. I exfoliate my skin with it twice a week but not my face. My skin feels extremely smooth after and stays that way. I always exfoliate my face because I'm prone to acne but I legit didn't know what I was missing by not exfoliating my skin as well.
This product is perfect because it smells amazing, scrubs really well and leaves your skin smooth and nourished.

So guys, has anyone tried a Skinsational product, what do you think?
And if not, which one will you be willing to try?

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  1. No I haven't tried their line but that liquid gold soap sure looks like number one on my list.

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    Hows the week going?

  4. I'll try those products. I think that I might like them if they as good as you've described them.

  5. You have to take care of your body. I will try to connect with your site to buy it.

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