Organic Life Plus - RoseHip Oil & My Acne Journey

11:42 PM

Hello Wonderful People!
I'm back again with another beauty post. You know I'm always on the search for amazing products as one of my resolutions for 2017 was to have natural clear and radiant skin at all costs.
My battle with adult acne started last year from nowhere and I knew it was a battle that was going to be won whether the acne liked it or not LOL.
Below is a photo from October 2016 when it all started, I started breaking out in tiny pimples around my mouth and cheeks, Odun thought it was from my makeup brush so I washed it and stopped using it. The acne cleared.
A few days later, I broke out with the same kind of pimples all over my forehead, I thought it was from the crotchet hair I had installed so I took it out. It didn't clear totally but it got better.
Before the battle

Fast foward to the next month with no braids or weaves, a fresh crop of the same kind appeared all over my was on my forehead, both cheeks, my neck and even down to my chest. It was horrible!
I kept wondering what I could have eaten or what could have caused it. 
To be honest, my diet in Calabar was totally different from Lagos, I used to eat a lot of eba with different soups and drink a lot of alchohol which was not the norm in Lagos. I took a step back and started eating fruits, cut off fried food etc..... It didn't clear.


I came back to Lagos in December, I had added about 7kg and I believed that if I lost the weight and stuck to healthy meals, my face would clear. I lost the weight and my skin cleared up to an extent, all was well with the world, I could wear makeup again. I was happy.

early DECEMBER 2016 after an intense workout

end of DECEMBER 2016
I started work in January and suddenly like a thief in the night, I started breaking out again. At this point depression set in because they were huge pimples unlike the nasty tiny ones I used to have. Surprisingly, they appeared only on one side of my face and never left. I fought this battle from January to March.


 Sometime in March, I was talking to the CEO of Organic Life Plus and I had requested Coconut oil and a rosewater cleanser. She asked what kind of skin I had and suggested that I try RoseHip oil.
I'm not very into oils + I still have a lot from when I was natural so I just decided to give it a try.
I wasn't comfortable with putting more oil on oily skin but then shes a professional so she must know what shes talking about. Fast foward one month later and just lookat!
I still have a few acne scars and a few pimples occasionally but you wont see me and describe me as the girl with acne.
Rosehip oil is a major key guys!

APRIL 2017 - The battle has been won!
PRICE : N5,800 for 50ml
Yes it might be a bit expensive but it is totally worth it.

Coconut Oil
If you use or you have used Trader Joes coconut oil, lets just say this is a better alternative. Its cold pressed, pure and smells Uh-Mazing. 
We all know the benefits of coconut oil so I wont be going into that.
PRICE: 4000

To Purchase - HERE
Follow them on instagram @OrganicLifePlus

I hope this post was helpful, If youve been hearing about rosehip oil and thinking whether to try it here is me saying GO AHEAD.
If you have already tried it, tell me what it did for you.

Talk soon

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  2. So, some of those are really working? I can't believe it, I always thought this is a scam :) Now I can see that people really can trust some of organic products. Thank you for sharing your experience with us!

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